Mark Padmore, tenor
Paul Lewis, piano

  • Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin

Following his triumph as the Evangelist in the White Light Festival’s St. Matthew Passion, “steadfastly thoughtful” (Boston Globe) tenor Mark Padmore joins with kindred Schubert interpreter Paul Lewis to present the composer’s three song cycles in the space of a week. For Die schöne Müllerin, the ethereal tenor probes the longing, insecurity, and devotion of youthful love, which all too quickly matures to heartbreak, despair, and disillusionment in this stirring collection.

Singer and pianist are perfectly matched in temperament and musicality, and every note has been lovingly considered…exquisitely thoughtful and refined.”

Telegraph (U.K.)

His musicality is faultless and his rendering of the textual nuances crystalline: what a feeling artist he is.”

Telegraph (U.K.) on Mark Padmore